Welcome to Togemo – Innovative products for the Norwegian and the Swedish healthcare market

Company Profile

Togemo has a strategy that says ”we wish to work with equipment and applications within the area of medical technology, where the technical equipment represents high tech products that put high demands on our professional competence.”

Togemo does not limit the definition of ”good service” just to mean delivering; the right product, at the right place, but to be there for our customers and suppliers, with our competence and capacity throughout the entire lifetime of the product.

Are you seeking a partner in the Norwegian and/or in the Swedish market?

We have long experience in both hospital, nursinghome and home care business.

We are looking for manufacturers who deliver products which represent new and innovative state of the art technology.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about what Togemo can do for you in Norway and/or in Sweden.

Contact information:

Togemo’s main office phone number from abroad: +47 62 52 62 72 (Norway)

CEO (Norway and Sweden): Mr Tore Tomter
Cellphone from abroad: +47 91 89 44 95

Managing Director Norway: Mr Michael Bjerke
Cellphone from abroad: +47 40 49 66 73

Technical Manager Norway: Mr Øystein Karstensen
Cellphone from abroad: +47 98 76 58 00

Product and Marketing Manager Sweden: Ms Ingela Nyström
Cellphone from abroad: +46 722 195 969

Account and Logistics Manager Sweden: Mr Magnus Larsson-Auna
Cellphone from abroad: +46 722 195 979

More information regarding our companies in Norway and Sweden, you can find at the respective websites. Click at the flags in the top right corner. The websites are presented in the actual native language.